2013 First year Welcoming Ceremony & Meet and Greet session

The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), held their “First year Orientation week” from 26 January 2013 until 23 February 2013.

The orientation programme kicked off with the Welcoming Ceremony and Faculty Meet and Greet on Saturday, 26 January 2013. On the day of Welcoming Ceremony students and their parents were welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor (VC) Professor Derrick Swart via live stream in the North Campus Auditorium. After the VC addressed the students and their parents the Faculty meet and greet commenced where the acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Build Environments and Information Technology, Professor Rossouw von Solms addressed the students and their parents. After the acting Dean’s address the students and their parents the students and parents were asked to divide into the different department of the Faculty. This would mean that the students and parents went into their chosen department of studies. After everybody has divided into smaller groups the students and their parents could meet the department and their lecturer’s one on one.

The Department of Industrial Engineering all came together in M239. Mr Louw addressed the students and their parents (Meet-greet-Industrial-Engineering-(NEW)). Some of the main points of his address dealt with the organisational structure of the department, a map of the campus, different qualifications offered within the department and additional information about Industrial Engineering and wela.

We are very excited for the year ahead


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