Executive Summary and Introduction:

Myself, Andre Louw (Industrial Engineering), and Mr A Young (eNtsa) visited the Engineering School of ECAM in Lyon from 26 – 28 May 2014.

My primary objectives were to investigate the ECAM approach on Lean manufacturing training and in particular their INEXO Platform. This platform is significant in its similarity to the SWEAT lab in the Industrial Engineering Department.

The visit lead to numerous contacts being made, learning taking place and discussions on potential collaborations between the NMMU and ECAM. Each of these topics will be discussed in the report below.

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The Department of Industrial Engineering at NMMU will be participating in the National Science Week activities through the use of their ever popular LEGO game.

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The Women in Technology Legacy programme of the NMMU Trust made its first ever donation to a project at the University in the form of a R60 000 contribution to the WELA programme in the Faculty of Engineering. 

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Wela girls, Thulethu Dyala, receives a laptop for being a top achiever in Matric

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IPET, the Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists, annually awards the best BTech engineering student at each University of Technology as well as the best student country wide. The choice is made on the basis of academic achievement.

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Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday; celebrated by the whole community - 18th of July 2013.

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merSETA together with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) initiated the Women in Engineering Leadership Association (wela) with the aim of empowering young female engineering students at the institution. The duo has recognised the importance of promoting and developing women into this emerging field and to market it as a desirable career aspiration.

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