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Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering at NMMU will be participating in the National Science Week activities through the use of their ever popular LEGO game.

“This game encourages learners to work together as a team and employ the Lean principles in a working environment,” said Mr Jaco Snyders, Industrial Engineering Lecturer and LEGO game Facilitator. The end goal is to produce building block towers according to the customers’ specifications, as efficiently as possible. The game goes as far as to nominate team members as timekeepers and observers and the performance of the team as a whole is recorded after each round. Data is also recorded and compared after each round.

It is through games of this nature that learners gain a better understanding of the role of Industrial Engineers within the working environment and encourages these learners to go into this exciting and challenging Engineering division.

For more information on this game please contact:

Nicole Truter

Administrator: Industrial Engineering

041 504 3645

Posted on 06 August 2014 15:22:23

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